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Australian Visa Applications

At Immigration Consultants Group (Australia) we can assist you with a wide range of visa applications. We can assist if you are anywhere onshore in Australia or currently out of Australia. 

Labour Agreements

Immigration Consultants Group (Australia) have successful and extensive experience with Labour Agreement submissions to the Department of Home Affairs.   Labour agreement submissions are a lengthy and very complex document bundle put forward to the Minister for negotiation.

Labour Agreements are specific agreements between the Commonwealth and an employer who experiences long term difficulties in recruiting and retaining employees for essential positions within their business and where the occupations are not usually included in any current Skilled Occupation List.

Immigration Consultants Group (Australia) have particular experience and knowledge of the Fishing Industry.

Appeals to the AAT and other visa concerns

If the Department of Home Affairs has refused a nomination or visa application, you may have the opportunity to appeal this decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  

There are certain criteria and time frames to meet which are essential in any appeal application; therefore it is strongly recommended to take action as soon as you receive any unfavourable correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs. 

Our Migration Agents specialise in appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and also have experience with addressing visa cancellations and other complex migration matters.

Australian Citizenship

There is an opportunity to be an Australian Citizen if, you are an Australian Permanent Resident and meet the residence requirements; are an eligible New Zealand citizen, you have previously been an Australian Citizen or your parents were or are Australian Citizens, you may be eligible for Australian Citizenship.

At Immigration Consultants Group (Australia), we can assist with any Australian Citizenship application. 

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